2010 Recon with Steph

I again have the dubious honor of being the low bidder on a government fieldwork contract. Steph wanted to see what kind of craziness was in store for the next year, so we went out and checked on access roads, potential campsites, and other logistics basics.

Little Brush Creek Cave EntranceSteph hadn’t ever visited many of the Uintah Basin attractions before, so we played tourist a bit as well. We ran the first 100 yards or so into Little Brush Creek Cave, so she could see one of the more impressive cave entrances in the state.

Then we headed over to the contract area. It was a stormy day, and spitting rain. That kept us on the relatively good roads, with only a few hours of hiking around checking some close hills and outcrops. In this process Steph was able to watch her first massive cattle roundup. Several groups were being pushed down from the mountains, and headed south. We talked with one of the cowboys for a few minutes, he ballparked nearly 1000 head of cattle that were being rounded up that day alone in different groups. We also located the nearest pit toilet, important to have located ahead of time if you are having a rough day camping during the year.

Cattle RoundupForest Service Pit Toilet

On the drive home, we went north and so Steph could see some of the other scenic areas. My only complaint was the stormy overcast day made the pictures a bit dull, but a few areas are spectacular no matter what the sky looks like.

Our final laugh for the day was found at a gas station. Someone had obviously had an impact to the back panel of their truck, and decided to fix it with zip ties. Looked a little like stitching up Frankenstein’s monster…

Zip tie truck repair