2005 October Deep Vertical Experience

Fall 2005 found me visiting my first truly deep cave. I was along on a rigging trip to get ropes in place for planned activities later in the year. In exchange for helping carry several hundred feet of rope up the side of a mountain, I was able to go on a “guided tour” of the cave. This tour included invaluable pointers and tips on vertical gear and techniques, and a chance to test out some alternative equipment from what I personally owned.

This is a deep and cold cave. You’ll notice “fog” in the below pictures from people breathing in the passageway. Having to hold your breath for a minute to let fog clear in order¬†to allow the camera flash to work properly is one of the strange¬†quirks you learn while caving in high elevation caves.

This trip helped me realize just how much learning I had to do in order to safely and effectively visit vertical caves, and I still appreciate the time that was taken to help me out that day.